Tanya's Story

Tanya Muzinda

Tanya Muzinda

Tanya is the oldest child of the Muzinda family. Her family is the first generation to have permanently moved from the village into the city of Harare,  Zimbabwe. Tanya has grown up in the city but she is very well aware of her heritage.  First girl of her family to go to school, Tanya showed a talent in sport since a young age.

One day her dad, who always had a passion for Motorsport,  with a lot of sacrifices  was able to buy Tanya a go-kart.  Tanya was then exposed to the Donnybrook Motorsport park where she went practice with her go-kart. Shortly after she was introduced to the sport of Motocross, since Donnybrook also offer 3 motocross tracks along side the go-kart track.

From then on Tanya ditched the 4 wheels for the 2 and at 6 years old she became the first Zimbabwean female motocross champion in history. Tanya is in love with the sport and her dad reached out to Motocross legend Stefy Bau to have a chance for Tanya to have the best mentor she can have.

Stefy traveled to Zimbabwe in December 2013 and a life long friendship was born. Stefy coached Tanya for 2 weeks and Tanya conquered a second overall in the very competitive devision of the 65B class.

Tanya has the dream to become the first female motocross athlete from Africa to reach international success. In so, the project #TeamTanya was born.